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the generic "what car for £?" thread!!!

Lee R

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this time it's £3000.


i'm down to 3 at the mo, and they are 3 totally different cars!!!


1. The luxury barge - Saab 95 2.3T HOT Aero Automatic circa 2003. 250bhp of lazy speed, although 'fun' doesnt really come into it. All the toys etc, very practical. People are telling me i'm too young for it though, lol


2. The hooligan car - Renault Clio 172 Cup circa 2002. Nippy little car, but is it a mid life crisis and can I live with it falling to bits?? Nor many toys and not alot of practicality.


3. The compromise???? Skoda Octavia VRS circa 2002. 180bhp, EASILY made to 220bhp, so a nice quick car, and come with a degree of practicality. But it's a Skoda!!!! Oh, i'd want it in yellow :P


Opinions needed on the Renault and Skoda, had a Saab, so know what to expect from that.


Other suggestions of course are welcome.

Anything considered, nothing older that 2000 really, need some degree of reliabilty. MPG not a HUGE worry.....


hit me........

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3 for me personally but with MPG not being a huge worry maybe i'd pick 1 over it.


Anything else u'd consider? BMWs or audis etc?.....Volvo


i'd consider anything!!!


pref over 200bhp (Clio might as well be, it's that light!!!, VRS WILL be, lol)


it's been quite a while since i've had a quick, interesting car, so don't really want much to sensible :)


forgot to add, Saab's at this price (HAS to be a facelift) will normally have 100k+ miles, but that ain't a 'huge' issue with them.

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I think the Skoda, out of those three. It'd suit you the best Lee (going by what I know makes you moan ;))..


do you get Fearne Cotton with the Skoda then?


I 'think' I know what you mean though, and if were on the same wavelength the one thing against the Clio for me is the fact its N/A

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That's just a no brainer for me. Would easily be the Skoda. Solid VW oily bits only without the silly price tag. Saabs are just an overpriced Vauxhall these days IMO, so I'd buy a Vauxhall if I wanted that. And the Clio would probably do your head in.


Incidentally, isn't the original Octavia based on the Bora platform, not the Passat as mentioned above. The car VW wish they'd made the Bora like perhaps!

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