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do you remember your 1st post?


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ive not actually been a member of the site for very long compared to some on here, but with over 3,500 posts ive been busy!


do you remember what your first post was? and what actually made you join EVO? i know i joined because when i bought my 1st escort, the wire on the middle pin on the boot pins had snapped, and i was unsure what it was for, so my 1st post was asking what it was for.


can you remember yours? i know a few old timers may have a hard time remembering since the 'big delete' :P

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remmeber my first.... i came across from mkvregister because they were a bunch of pee taking golly wogs that had no interest in young drivers and their ideas.......


evo was the same - but had a nice sticker so i stayed LMAO nah - the atmos was much more welcoming!

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my first post!


i'm new here, veteran of performancefordmag forum and recently ford-force.co.uk i like the site itself so ithought i'd join the forum. i'm selling some alloys to fund some new wheels for my escort. so i'm not just here to sell those i thought i might as well advertise them here as i have everywhere else :innocent:


And i'm drawing atention to my 3rd - how nieve was I :pancake: :roll:

i cant get over how many nice scorts are one here! nice to meet you all
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Mine was:


Alright Evo's! im just in the middle of taking my driving test, but back in April i bought a 1.3 Escort MK5 totally standard :jaw: but i thought i might drop you lot a line and see if you can give me any idea's Muzz has given me a link to this fourm, so i would appreciate anyone who can help me.


thanks for any idea's! and i love all of your escorts, they look Great! :thumb:



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Heres mine, was jjust over a year ago I believe



Hi everyone, im quite amazed I just found this website!



I got a 1.6 '97 Escort Serenade, just bourght it.



I have a problem though, When the engine is running or the ignition is on, the fuel gauge is right up to the top, Im sure theres not that much fuel in the tank, so does anyone know what might be the problem, or how I can fix it?



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