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17 and a rs2000


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right im 17 been past a couple months and i got a 1.6 escort


i drove red diablos rs2000 the other week and im buying it..


buy the time ive got it i will be 18 and maybe have a 1 yrs ncb


i got quoted £6,500 with 1 person and £99,999 with asda (asda price my ar*e)


how much do you rekon ill get insured for if i hunt high and low :)

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over 1500 mate, i really wouldnt buy that. Your best of keeping with what u got build ur no claims up untill your 22 then look again...



yeh im keeping mine to but really want an rs2k.... how much over 1500 do you think?


:) cheers

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thats a really old sig. looks alot diff now and its goin in for a respray monday to get rid of the rust and the body kit done :)


but i was gonna get a rs2k aswell. is there anyway to insure a rs2k as and when. i asked mc_bob he dont fink its poss. guessin hes right but just shooting in the dark. :)


anyone else know?

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