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Forum on it's arse?


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Is it just me struggling with connections with evo at the minute?


Keep getting "can't connect" style errors frequently...


Ran a ping on the server ( / escortevolution.co.uk) and I either get "Ping request could not find host..." or 1 or more packet loss with an average ping of 400ms (Fairly slow for Evo's server).


Thinking this was me at fault I've tried with other servers such as Google(, Yahoo( etc but I'm getting 100% reply rate with a low ping (30ms adverage - But fair enough these are MEGA quick servers on MEGA fast connections).


So... Anyone else?


(if you want to try and ping... easiest way is to click Start>Run(All Programs>Accessories>Run - for Vista/7)>Type CMD (Enter)>Type ping (space) then the IP or Address (enter) (ie: Ping or ping escortevolution.co.uk)).

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We're having some DNS issues at the moment, working on it now.


smithy... catch me on msn.



thats odd........ having no "DNS" issues with this site but my xboxlive kept goin on a DNS failure last night :pancake:

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