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Well you all aren't going to like it.....


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Hello everyone.


Well the other month I came back on and was looking for an ST170. Well after a bit of thinking and managing to save more money I decided I wanted to get something sensible. That being a Citroen C4 VTR+ just the 1.6 so I could use it for when I move a bit further away from work soon and still commute without breaking the bank.


Well that kinda all fell out of the window when I saw this:


2005 VTS 180 in Wicked Red.






Bloody love the thing. Got a few little problems but nothing too major.


I'm also talking to the previous owner (not the one I bought it from) on the C4 Owners forum.


Main plans are:

-De badge it (already done)

-Tidy it up especially under the bonnet

-Fit a Seat leon front splitter

-Fit a better stereo system


And then just generally look after it and keep it clean.




Oh and yes, I know its a citroen and its french. TBH I don't really like french cars that much but this is an exception. I've loved these since they first released them.

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I'll be honest, I think 2 things:


1) I hate the car. No offence, but being a big, old German motor lover, it's everything I despise in a car! Boxy generic Civic/Astra ugliness that you probably need to rev the tits off of for some go.

2) I'm glad you're back on here, posting your car. For me personally. returning members showing different makes/models of car is one of the things that keeps the site interesting. I'll be following this for sure.

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Its not really "hate" in my case, its more like a simple lack of opinion or the desire to develop one concerning chitroens (despite owning one myself for the moment)..... there just the type of car manufacturer that doesn't inspire any sense of interest in me, which I suppose is worse than "hating" as at least that shows passing ecknowledgement.


I will say this though..... that particular car displays all the hallmarks of what I dislike about the french designs.


"tres bien, thatis the front and zee sides deezigned non is it not...... aaaah time for a leettle break I sink, maybe a leetle bree and wine non?"


two hours later the fecker comes back and cant remember what he was doing and the design stage of the car ends just past the rear quarter window like a lorry went up its ass on the motorway. ?(

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Be warned of the scuttle pannels on these coming away from the windscreen, they all do it! but shitron refuse to recall them for it.


They have the resevoir hanging off of them, pore design and cuases the scuttle to come away from the windscreen and looks awfull!


rubbish looking cars any way but you can do without faults making it worse.


Good luck with it though.

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