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howdy folks,


been away for a wee bit eh?


anyhoo, had a bit of of a Shite time recently, got involvd in one or two things i maybe shoudnt have when everything went pear shaped just to get by but now managing to work my way back out of it. still need to sort a few things out, (few people have pms or will have in the morn when i sober up.).


anyhoo, finally managed to get back on my feet, moved into a flat with a few mates, got a decent job, and generally on the up. after all the Shite thats happened last few months (some will know, most wont) ive sorted myself out, grown up alot and actually managed to be a human being again!


thanks tho those of you's who gave me a wee txt etc, but aye, hows d'evoers doin?

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