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My Bmw E30 318is Thread - Parcel Shelf


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Finally got my 318is.


It has the m44 1.9 engine with 325i flywheel and the 323i clutch and thrust bearing conversion done. Apparantly its been tuned and running at 160bhp LOL , I wont hold my breath on that at all! ( so please no ''it wont run at that power'' comments as i know it probably doesnt) But it does pull!!!!! However I have upgraded from a 60 BHP escort LOL


LSD box.

New brakes all round,

Straight through exhaust system (loud and sounds horrible) Scorpion Dtm thingy back box,



Strut brace,

K&N induction with is coming off,

New suspension bushes all round,

New strut tops,

One new lower arm


Some alarm that sends texts to this device if someone touches it, with a remote start (chavvy) and some timer thing that keeps the car running for a minute when you turn the engine off, trying to figure out how to remove that as well as there is no point to it.


I tried to my hardest to find rot and rust so i could knock the guy down on price but there wasnt a patch of rust/rot to be found. The engine doesn't tap at all. it is very mechanically sound and the structure is great. Even has a custom made sump cover protector thing.


A few faults.


Pulls to one side - might be to do with only have one lower arm replaced or might be tracking or tyre pressure.

Vibrates at 60-70mph - Doesn't vibrate any other times only at this speed, It the U joint on the prop shaft, I'm getting full replacement prop shaft for 20 pounds.


No floor carpet - as he was going to fit a roll cage.

Needs a spray job - Not a problem :D

Needs Bnw badge for front.

Rear boot lid knackered but he has given me a replacement.








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325 fly with 323 clutch? what's the reasoning behind? genuine question


looks DAMN good the body!!


Well apparntly that combination gives a better take off. don't quote me on that. I take all these kind of mods with a pinch of salt.


The body is great, few dents but they will get sorted when i get it sprayed. some nice alloys and jobs a good un.


Oh and tint windows.


is this gonna be cleaned up to factory glory?


Yes with a bit of time money and effort :)


I'm not ratting it!!! before anyone asks lol

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M44? I take it the original was shagged?


I think the m44 came in the E36?


Same engine as the 318is but internals bigger, apparantly from info I find on the net.


He upgraded the engine so he could do the flywheel conversion, again this is what he has said. I'm non of the wise on whats been done really. It works and its no tappety so im happy lol


So what isit your doing with this just getting everything OEM and making it nice and clean or will there be some aftermarket parts?




It's going to look the same on the outside but clean and no dents. Borbet A alloys. maybe stripped rear with roll cage. Track / Drift but not a banged up drifter lol


Well will probably have 15'' steelies on the back for the track days lol


looking good mike just needone of my own now! :D


as far as i know its a black spray job, tints low on borbet a's tinted front lights basically murdered out. oh and a cage i believe.


You know me too well!!!


Roll on the work!


So what happened to the Rat then?


BMW looks good. just needs TLC.




Rat is going on ebay at end of the month. Want to take it to MFN open season party and The Fast Show for its big send off lol

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