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FAO: Anyone who has any old Resident Evil Games on Playstation 1 or 2.


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I got:

resident evil ps original

resident evil directors cut ps (remake of 1st with some changes and harder)

resident evil 2

resident evil 3 nemisis


but im not getting rid of them, they are such good games! favourite series ever until they took away all of the originalness by making the zombies start running n talking n just more human like than zombie like.


best versions are on the gamecube (also available on wii) just too good.

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you know mate! the remake was easily my favourite, still amazed by the graphics on that too!

I know all too well mate Resident Evil (RE) is definitely my favourite series of games to date, I ended up buying a Gamecube a year or so ago just so I could buy all the RE series again, and then ended up selling it on eBay with all the games... even though I made a nice profit... wish I never now :nutter:

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what do you think of the new ones? i only really played up to code veronica then just wasn't feeling some of the changes.


yeh i had a cube but kept the game when i got rid of the cube just in case lol

I loved them all apart from RE4 for the Wii it is nothing like the original RE series, had RE5 for the 360 and thinking of buying it again now it has new levels and it was alright but still nothing beats the original slow zombies roaming around a mansion :cheers:

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