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parcel shelf


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ok chaps, i need your help...


originally i was gonna buy a parcel shelf from my local audio shop, a mate of mine told me they made them for 20 quid, so today, i desided to look into it, it seems that there £70.... lol for a sheet of mdf, and 6x9's holes, and there the stealth shelfs, but there easy to make with some mdf and some clothe for a fraction of the price of buying one...would yous not say?


whats the best way to do it? i.e. whats the best thickness of MDF?


what tools do you suggest for the cutting of it, i dont have alot of tools, i just borrow my oldmans, and my grandads tools ;)


and one thing, i aint got my car back yet, am i safe to use a mk6 standard parcel shelf as my guide, i.e. is the mk6 parcel shelf the same as the mk5b?

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Hi mate if you want i can make you one like this, i got my hands on a professional one and stripped it to see how the made them, so i had another go and it come out like this so if you want one i make them for about £30-£40 using all the tools they use, can use any fabris mate but some are not as good as others. You can have what ever size speakers you want, and these are as tough as anything.


Plus you see that i have only one compartment on there if you want you can have 2 rectangles/squares or even triangles to be different. If you are interested let me know mate.



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why hack up a perfectly good parcel shelf

imagine u buy something that requires the back seats to come forward

or youve got more than a couple of corpses in the boot the 6x9's will get right in the way.... 8o

Why not just put them in the existing speaker positions like i have and quite a few others have?


u can always remove the parcel shelf then..

Its one less annoying thing to rattle about and believe me parcel shelfs can rattle.....




Whats Green and smells of pork?




Kermits Finger!

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u cant expect a 8mm shelf to give decent strength or sound any good bouncing over all the bumps !8o


u need to make it out of decent MDF about 20mm


and if u have chance to get ur hands on a router they are handy pieces of kit , gives u all the angles and bends .

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