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i passed.......

Orion Si

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My first day of driving i drove all night till 4am and completely ruined a set of tyres and almost spanked the car 3 or 4 times


the next day was pretty much the same


wears off after a month or so

or till i blew muh engine that calmed me down a bit

then i blew another AStra engine

and i was then calmed even more !!!

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"wears off after a month or so"


I think you will find it doesnt :tongue:


Seriously though, remember just cause you have passed your test, dont go crazy, you have never driven in ice or anything like that, just taking a bit slow for a while (IE WITHIN THE LIMITS!) so you can get used to things on the road.


In northern Ireland we have "R" plates, which everyone has to wear for the firswt year, and not allowed to go more than 45mph, which to be honest, saved my life more times than I can count, so just get your first winter through before you go out and drive like a manic.........


Real life driving aint like daytona usa, are no continues and a big crash will more than likely be your last.........

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