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JC's Escort


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Looking good mate :thumb: Whats next apart from the splitter?


Exhaust maybe?


Got a few things on the books. Do want to get an exhaust, want a cat back magnex, but gotta save up for that!



looking good with the skirts on :thumb:


loving the flaps aswell suits the skirts perfectly :thumb:


Cheers matey, will attach the flaps properly at some points, as missing the ones at the front stopping spray and mess going up the side of the car!


Looks alright, doesnt particularly excite me or anything though. Think Im getting picky with my Escorts all of the sudden.

Would get the RS off the skirts and change the half tints, they dont do anything for me at all.


RS off the skirts? :blink:


each to their own...

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loving the flaps aswell suits the skirts perfectly :thumb:

pah :P


Hehehe... was wondering.........


And spot the difference now?:




only took best part of a day to do! Poor light doesn't help!

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New splitter? :unsure: :D


Lol, i replaced the nudge strips. New genuine ford, very shiny by comparison!


The last pic was taken today but the light is poor, and really doesnt show up the half a ton of megs on it!

The splitter is knackered on there, have a new one sitting in the garage so taking the one off you see there and binning it, as has a rip. result of an accident the other week! :vangry:

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looking great mate! :D


Thanks simon!


little up date,


My head light was driving me up the wall as the beam of light was starting to flicker, i thought at first it was a dodgy bulb but when I looked at the unit found one of the clips that is hidden by the bumper was broken, so a quick visit to the local breakers saw me with a new unit! The pic below shows the clip in question, next to the new one




car looked really sad with no bumper or grille! Ripped a couple of fingers with the :censored: aircon radiator!




fitted a new laguna splitter, lot easier with the bumper off! took a bit of searching to find one, round here they seem to be catching on at the breakers how much people will pay for them! was getting dark and cold wen i'd finished!




Hope to sort out 2nd rear fog light, fit flaps and fix splash guards next wknd!

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other than the lockwood lower grille and manky gearknob thats the makings of the tidiest 5 door ont he site imo.WEll smart,side mouldings look poorly done tho in those pics?


Yeah the door mouldings do look manky in the pics in this topic, have replaced them with genuine ford shiny ones, match the paint work a lot better! I really need some decent light to get some nice pics.


The gearknob is a bit of a joke, it was in my bro's GTi and he replaced it as its very worn worn and as a joke he put it in my encore and i tranfered all the parts from that into this one, thought at some point i want to get a new one.......



Coming along nicely :thumb:


thanks :thumb:



any update on the front flaps :thumb:


looking good ;)


Will do this weekend.... think will have to use screws, took me most of sat to sort the other things out! And the days are getting shorter!

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Going to be going to a new garage now.


Had my cam belt replaced a couple of weeks ago, when I had the accident damage sorted, total of £300. Week later after going out to move my car PAS failed. Went to move off and wasn’t working. Popped the bonnet to see that the PAS fluid was everywhere!


Discovered that the :censored: who had done the cam belt hadn’t clipped the PAS reservoir back in place and a belt had cut through the side:




fitted a temp one, £3 from breakers and went and had words... they agreed that it was their fault and eventually the belt was replaced as had melted plastic stuck to it. and the reservoir was replaced with the coolant expansion tank too! Apparently they come as pairs, so got new fluids and parts:




Going to get the engine bay cleaned at some point……

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